I coach people who want to be better writers. My clients range from small groups to job hunters, PhD program applicants, and individuals working on specific projects (such as manuscripts or a series of articles) or looking to grow their businesses. I also teach at community collegesIf you're writing interesting stuff or need help making the stuff you're writing more interesting, I'd love to hear from you.

If I do my job well, I will coach you out of needing my feedback. But I develop strong relationships with the majority of my clients, so you might want to keep me around anyway. 

To get a sense of the things I think about and determine whether we're a good fit, play around here.

I accept clients on a very selective basis. Contact me at katharinereece [at] gmail [dot] com. 

Recommendations for my work:

"Kate spent a day with NDSNY's social workers, discussing what makes a compelling story. She taught us interviewing skills and through analysis of various pieces of writing, also taught us how we could make the writing we do for our clients more compelling. She brought energy and lightness to what could have otherwise been a really long day of materials and reading and listening to rules and regulations. Our group was not a cohesive bunch before we spent time with Kate, and her programming (complete with four handouts tailored for our organization) was so good that it not only taught us better writing practices, but also gave us so much material to work with and reference in the future."

 Johanna N., Supervising Social Worker at The Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem

"I worked with Katharine on my personal statement and writing sample for application to a PhD program. The short of it is that I was accepted. The long of it is that Katharine thoughtfully helped me to shape these pieces in a compelling manner. More than a grammatical editor, she asks the right questions and provides gentle and astute suggestions along the way. Her insights are dead-on and her help was invaluable."

Jim B., accepted to a Ph.D. program at CUNY's Graduate Center

“Katharine not only understands the highly rigorous application process, but also the competitive nature of standing out amongst thousands of other outstanding applicants. What makes her consultation different than anyone else I have encountered is her ability to not only identify what your specific college is looking for, but also, how to creatively and accurately frame one’s strengths and weaknesses in a manner that captures one’s individuality. It’s only when the reader can relate and is captured by your story that the application is fully considered. With her experience as a writer and oral historian, Katharine is able to get to the heart of this challenge.”

—C. Maletich, accepted to a masters program at Northwestern University

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