My wheelhouse is telling compelling stories, through words and images. 

I write articles and interviews, listen to oral histories, and coach/teach private clients and classes. I spent a few years writing and editing for the award-winning Sarah Lawrence magazine.

I shoot events, people, dogs, and everything between. My clients include Microsoft, FACE Stockholm, Textile Arts Center, Wellesley College, Sarah Lawrence College, and a few CrossFit gyms. You can see one of my latest (and favorite) shoots here

I'm always writing or creating something for someone, so my turn-around time is fast and respects both of our schedules. Give me meaningful work and I'll move mountains (or punctuation/pixels) to tell your story. 

I am based in Brooklyn, New York.

Email: katharinereece [at]
Phone: 440.666.7809
Twitter: @katharinerrr
Instagram: @kreecespeeces


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